This blog is all about a rather quixotic attempt to translate, understand and interpret the work of Spanish Master of Arms, Don Manuel Antonio de Brea. He was fencing master at the Royal Seminary for the Nobility at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

He wrote a treatise combining what he saw as the best of the French and Italian schools of fence with the Spanish tradition of Destreza.

His work is called: Universal Principles and General Rules of True Art[1] of the Smallsword combining French, Italian and Spanish Schools and was published in Madrid in 1805. You can download a copy of the original here.

I have been doing the translation with the enormous help of Enrique Sánchez Molano –  to whom I am extremely grateful. He has made corrections to the translations and made innumerable suggestions on interpretation. Thank you, Enrique!

[1] True Art = Verdadera Destreza: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destreza

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